Kosovo: Over 50 international investors attend the energy conference

Kosovo Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, speaking in the international conference of investors for the construction of the power plant “Kosova e Re”, assured the investors that Government of Republic of Kosovo will offer full support for investments, production and export of electricity.

In his speech addressed to international investors, Thaçi said that Kosovo has the required conditions for investments, and according to him, the building of new energetic capacities from lignite is crucial for sustainable development of the Republic of Kosovo.

“We will offer to the private investors the possibility to also export energy from Kosovo and we will take decisions on the construction of the new power plant on time and in cooperation with investors” said Thaci.

He said that Kosovo has made big investments in power transmission system that will enable investors to export the electricity.

For this project, said the Prime Minister, Kosovo will also benefit from the support of the World Bank.

Minister of Energy and Mining, Justina Pula-Shiroka said that all legislation is prepared so that this project is carried out successfully. She said that this project will not only bring capital to Kosovo, but also the international expertise.

Kosovo Government is planning to select the company for the construction of new power plant by September 2010. Over 50 large companies from all over the world have participated in the conference in Prishtina.