Kosovo Miracle on the London Stock Exchange

For more than two weeks Kosovo has experienced an image change in trading and stock markets. Kosovar company Fox Marble has been admitted to trade in the London Stock Exchange (AIM), the first company to do so in the region.

The acceptance of “Fox Marble” in the London Stock Exchange was followed by numerous articles in the Financial Times, The Daily Express, the London Evening Standard, The Business Desk, etc.

“Kosovo’s Marble is more valuable than they can estimate. Black marble is highly demanded in the U.S. “, stated the CEO of the company, Christopher Gilbert, adding that these marble quarries are estimated to have marble reserves of about 300 million cubic meters.

On the commencement of trading of shares on AIM, Gilbert said that this is a major step in the development of “Fox Marble”:”I would like to welcome all our new shareholders and look forward to seeing Fox Marble make rapid progress towards the production and processing of high quality marble,”. Investors can still learn more effective trading strategies at Medium.com – Options Trading.

Fox Marble is a British Holding Company, which has been granted exploration licenses for five marble quarries that cover an area of around 239,000 square meters in Kosovo, mainly in the region of Peja and Rahovec.