Kosovo: Minister of Energy promises 24-hour power supply in 2006

Prishtina, Aug 22, 2005 – The Kosovo Minister of Energy and Mining, Ethem Ceku, regarded the situation in Kosovo’s Electricity Corporate (KEK) as terrible.

During his visit to the power plants in Obiliq, Ceku said that if during 2006 there is no 24 hours supply with energy there will be punishments and even dismissals of KEK managing staff.

“We are discussing with relevant institutions, including the KTA, UNMIK Pillar IV, the PDSRSG, the PM, the World Bank, the European Agency and USAID to create a joint platform to find a way out of the crisis by the end of the year,” said Minister Ceku.

Ceku added that Trepça should be supplied with energy. “Trepça should have advantage in supply with energy,” said Ceku. “We are also considering the power supply for Ferronikeli.”

Ceku also announced that a delegation of the ministry would visit Washington soon to discuss with the World Bank the financial support for building a new power plant in Kosovo.

Minister Ceku harshly criticized the ESBI management. “We are dissatisfied with some trends such as the slow repair of generators, the low payment rate and power supply,” said Ceku.

“This situation should change. Kosovo’s budget and the EAR have invested over €700 million in KEK in the past four years. But the situation has not improved.”

On the other hand, Express reads that Minister Ceku addressed Ashley, “If we cannot find a solution together for getting the country out of this situation, then either you or me should leave our job.”

Meanwhile KEK International Manager, John Ashley, said, “We are repairing the A3 unit in order for this unit to be ready for the winter in case A5 fails.” Ashley accepted that there is a technical stagnation, but he justifies this stagnation with the low cash collection rate and the repairs currently being conducted in the power plants.