Kosovo: Mining and agriculture – two main potentials for development

Prishtinë, Jan 9, 2006 – One year ago when we have carried out a study on the potentials for economic development of Kosovo, it was clear that the mineral resources along with the agriculture are the main potentials for development of Kosovo, Orsalia Kalantzopoulos from the World Bank told the Radio Free Europe.

Along with the EU, World Bank has made a study on energy resources in Southeastern Europe, a region which needs larger amount of electricity. The study indicated that lignite sources of Kosovo are on the top of the list. “If Kosovo uses properly its many mineral resources and invest those income in education and health, then Kosovo would be sustainable and a developed country and provide good living conditions for its citizens,” Kalantzopoulos said.

She evaluated that the unresolved status is a big obstacle for economic development, as the private investors dare not make investments in a place, which does not know what its status will be. “But the things are moving in the right direction. The status talks have started. I am sure that a solution will be found, what will allow a larger presence of private sector in economy,” she said.

ECIKS / KosovaLive