Kosovo may get S&P Rating in the second half of 2012

Kosovo will probably receive a credit rating by Standard & Poor’s as it considers tapping international investors for funds to rebuild its infrastructure, Finance Minister Bedri Hamza said.

The Finance Ministry plans to raise 74 million euros with its first sales ever of Treasury bills this year to finance expenditure and investments, and another 110 million euros through a new loan package from the International Monetary Fund. S&P analysts will visit Kosovo in June to assess its creditworthiness.

“We will be very careful when it comes to foreign debt as we are also able to mobilize our domestic resources,” Hamza said, adding that the government doesn’t plan to seek “large amounts in the range of 500 million euros” after it receives a credit rating.

Kosovo, which saw its infrastructure partially destroyed during 1999, wants to complete its highway network and other projects that are meant to spur economic growth and raise living standards.

/Bloomberg /