Kosovo: Latest wave of privatization raises 9.5m euro

Over 7.5 million euro were raised by the sale of only four enterprises, part of the 49th wave of privatizations, the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo (PAK) announced. Out of the total 11 enterprises, this wave of privatisation raised 9.5 million euro in total in the auction.

“Famipa” sh.p.k. sold at the highest price, 3.9 million euro, whereas the agricultural land “Zidi i Sadik Agës C” sh.p.k came second at 2 million. Third highest was “Auto Servisi Dukagjiniremont” sh.p.k. at 2 million whereas “Termovent” sh.p.k. was sold for 1.2 million.

Enterprises sold under one million were “Depoja e Materialit Ndërtimor” sold for 700,000 euro, “Deva Uzina e Përpunimit të Gazrave” sold at over 531,000 euro, whereas “Tokë Bujqësore Gllobar 2” was sold at 406,000 euro. Other enterprises were sold at lower prices.

Up until now, PAK has amassed over 517 million euro out of 636 privatized enterprises. PAK officials also announced that they are working for the distribution of 20% owed to workers previously related to these enterprises.

ECIKS / Zeri