Kosovo Invites Bulgarian Investors

Hashim Thaçi invited the Bulgarian business to invest in Kosovo at an official meeting with the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin. Photo by Nadya Kotseva

Sofia, Oct 17, 2006 – Bulgarian businesses are welcome to put some investments in Kosovo, because it would be of common interest for the both countries.

The invitation was extended by Hashim Thaçi, chairman of Kosovo’s Democratic party, who is on a visit to Sofia.

Kosovo is ready for the decision on its statute, which will hold out a prospect of integrating the country in NATO and the European Union, Thaci told his host Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ivaylo Kalfin.

The visit was held at the invitation of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute, Darik News reported.

Minister Ivaylo Kalfin and Hashim Thaci discussed the Pristina and Belgrade’s stance on decentralization, protection of cultural and religious heritage, economic issues and the protection of minorities in the region.

Thaci informed that the Kosovo government is open and flexible in connection with these issues.

Bulgaria has recently showed more activity in regaining its role as mediator on the process of finding a solution for Kosovo. A month ago Sofia hosted a meeting of the Contact Group on the UN-administered province.

During the meeting with Thaci, Bulgaria’s first diplomat pointed out it is of vital importance for the Balkans to retain the stability in the region and keep the multiethnic character of Kosovo.

Source: Sofia News Agency