Kosovo and Albania sign two MoUs on energy

Prishtinë, Oct 18, 2006 – The UNMIK-Chief Joachim Ruecker signed yesterday two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Albania: one on Cooperation in the Field of Energy and one on Coordination of the Construction of a new 400 kV Interconnection Line between two countries. On the part of Albania, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, Genc Ruli, signed the two documents, media in Kosovo report.

The main goal of the first memorandum is to improve the supply of electricity in both countries and to cooperate in the energy sector, including planning and development.

The construction of a 400 kV interconnection line between Albania and Kosovo is based on a feasibility study made in 2005 and financed by the World Bank.

“The documents signed today offer a real guideline for reaching common goals,” said Minister Ceku. “It is very important in terms of regional cooperation in the energy sector”, he added.