Kosovo exports grow despite risk

Kosovo exports have grown despite receiving a blow by the decision of European Union not to extend Kosovo’s preferential trade agreement. The total value of Kosovo exports during 2010 has been 294,031,000. In comparison with December, 2009, there has been an increase of 55.1% in exports whereas an increase of 6% in imports. This is a sign that Kosovar goods are becoming ever more competitive in the market and have found customers beyond Kosovo.

Base metals remain Kosovo’s main export with 60.3% of the total. 13.3% of exports have been mineral products, 5.5% textile and textile products, 4.6% foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco, 4.5% vegetal products and 3.1% fur and other related products.

During the month of December, products “Made in Kosova” have moved towards Italy (24.9%), Albania (12.1%), China (9.7%), Switzerland (9.2%), Germany (8.2%), Macedonia (8.2%), etc. EU accounts for around 44.4% of exports in Kosovo and 37.8% of imports – which emphasizes again the importance of extending the preferential trade agreement for Kosovo.

The removal, or at least the lowering of, trade barriers between Kosovo and neighboring countries, but also of EU countries, is one of the basic preconditions for the economic development of Kosovo. The trade ban that Serbia imposed on Kosovo’s exports has damaged the economy of Kosovo, whereas the failure to extend the preferential trade agreement with EU has multiplied this damage. As a result, it is important that these trade barriers are abolished in order for Kosovo to develop economically.

ECIKS / Koha