Kosovo expected to regain preferential trade advantages

Exporters from Kosovo will have to wait a few months more in order to be able to export their goods in the EU markets. The regaining of preferential trade with EU will allow goods from Kosovo to be sold in the European markets without tariffs.

Kosovo has had such an agreement until the end of 2010, preferences which EU set for all Western Balkan countries. The absence of preferential trade has cost domestic producers a lot.

Officials from the Ministry of Trade and Industry said that talks are underway with European Commission concerning the new preferential trade agreement. “We have begun preparing the material for this agreement and will travel to Brussels very soon in order to discuss with member states about the possibility of regaining the preferential trade advantages,” was said.

European Commission had applied these measures to countries which are aiming to join the 27-member bloc in order to facilitate their economic integration with EU, strengthen the political stability, as well as improve the region economically.

ECIKS / Telegrafi