Kosovo Economic and Fiscal Council approved budget 2007

Prishtinë, 14 November 2006 – The Economic and Fiscal Council (EFC) has yesterday given ‘green light’ to the approval of the budget for next year, which enables expenses of € 717.5 million. This was announced following the EFC meeting. Other topics f the meeting were the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) and the negotiations expenses report.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Agim Çeku, who is also chairing the EFC, said the budget of 2007 foresees an increase of capital investments and a decrease of costs for goods and services. “The budget of 2007 will support three priorities of the Kosovo Government, the three E’s: education, economy and energy, said Çeku.

Regarding the CEFTA agreement, Çeku said they expect the signing of this agreement before the end of the year. PDSRSG Steven Schook, said the preparation of the budget for 2007 is different compared to last year, since it has begun much earlier. Schook also announced that on December 21, the SRSG will sign a new IMF
letter of intend for the following year.