Economic growth of 5.5% expected in the next 6 years

Prishtinë, 14 November 2006 – The authors of the Kosovo Development Strategy Plan (KDSP) said they expect an economic growth of 5.5% in Kosovo from 2007 to 2013.

According to them economic growth will take place only if the necessary reforms are done during this period, such as an improvement of governance on all levels, a liberalization of the market and an improvement of the infrastructure.

“We evaluate that economic growth will be around 6% between 2010-13,” said Muhamet Sadiku, Chairman of the group responsible for compiling the KDSP. The optimism of Sadiku is based on potential new relationships Kosovo will have through different international economic and political organizations, once the status is defined.

He said with this strategy Kosovo will promote its interests before donors for the first time, in a conference expected to be held next year. According to the authors of the KDSP, Kosovo must reflect an economic growth which would be accompanied by economic development.