Kosovo: €16.9 million allocated for import of electricity

Prishtinë, Feb 3, 2006 – Kosovo’s Minister of Energy and Mining (MEM) Ethem Ceku said in an interview with KosovaLive that the international tender for import of electricity will be finalized on February 16th, and that the Government has allocated €16.9 million for this purpose.

Minister Ceku, who is also member of the Board of Directors of Kosovo Electro-Energetic Corporation (KEK), said that this is the only way out of the current energy crises in Kosovo. “Serbia is also causing us troubles, by not allowing the transit of imported electricity,” Ceku said, but expressed optimism that this problem, which does not surprise him, will overcome soon.

He stressed that the Irish ESBI holds part of the responsibility. “ESBI is not prepared to manage KEK,” he said, adding that the issue with mines and lack of coal is one of the problems and weaknesses of KEK management.

ECIKS / KosovaLive