Kosovo: Construction Companies Ones Evading Taxes Mostly

Prishtina, Oct 6, 2004 – A team dealing with discovering of tax evasion cases is investigating the construction companies, which are believed to be those evading mostly tax responsibilities

Fahri Breznica, Tax Administration (TA) Deputy-Director, told KosovaLive that a special team established to deal with this issue, has started work two months ago, and is comprised of five experienced tax inspectors.

“The team has been focused mostly in Prishtina, as they believe that constructions are mainly focused there as well; thus there is more probability for illegal constructions,” said Breznica

According to Breznica, several companies are under investigation. However, he did not point out their names.

It is believed that the fiscal evasion is more common in the summertime, when the TA activities are reduced due to the holidays. “There are more chances for evading taxes d during this period,” Breznica said.

ECIKS / KosovaLive