Kosovo Budget 2013: 1,586 Billion EUR

In a press conference, the Finance Minister Bedri Hamza stated that Kosovos consolidated Budget for the year 2013 will be 1,586 billion Euros. The Minister said that from this budget, 30 million Euros have been allocated to the start of the highway Prishtina-Skopje.

Hamza said that they have discussed the second revision of the “Stand-By” agreement with representatives of the International Monetary Fund and general estimates are that the quantitative performance criteria are met.

“It was evaluated that the macro-economic policies are on track. Apart from the second revision of the Stand-by agreement, which is expected to be discussed and hopefully approved by the IMF board on December 21, where we expect another disbursement of funds for the state budget, which will be about 40 million euro, the other main topics discussed were the 2012 budget execution, the budget for 2013 and fiscal rules, “said Minister Hamza.

Meanwhile, the IMF representative Johannes Wiegand, said that despite the present crisis in the Eurozone countries, Kosovo is not currently affected, but added that the Government and other institutions must be prepared in the event that the crisis hits, so that it be resolved as easily as possible.

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