Kosovo begins with privatisation of Energy Company

The Kosovo Government has decided to restructure the Kosovo Energy Company (KEK) and privatise its distribution division.

The overall restructuring of KEK will split the current company into divisions: mining, power generators Kosova A and Kosova B, distribution, billing and collection. Kosova C, the new power plant the project for which has yet to be finalized and will be built and operated privately, will meet all national demand and allow for export depending on the size of the final project.

“In KEK so far have been invested EUR 1,192 billion and as a result there are still power cuts,” said Kosovo Minister of Economy and Finance, Ahmet Shala, explaining why they had come up with the decision.

International Civilian Office / European Union Special Representative Pieter Feith criticized Kosovo institutions last week for failing to proceed with the privatization of Kosovo’s inefficient public companies, including the airport, the power company and the post-telecom.

In its meeting, the government also approved the Bill for Financial Leasing. This bill regulates financial licensing of assets and specifies the rights and obligations of those involved in financial leasing transactions. The bill is in accordance with European Union legislation and takes account of the financial impact of its implementation, Kosovo PM’s office reported.

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