Kosovo and Albania eliminate double tax

Prishtina, 29 September 2004 – The UNMIK Administrator Søren Jessen-Petersen and the Finance Minister of the Republic of Albania, Arben Malaj signed yesterday in Prishtina the “Agreement on the Elimination of Double Tax”, UN-Mission in Kosovo reports.

The Kosovo Government was represented by its Finance Minister, Ali Sadriu, who initiated the document.

The contract will regulate the fiscal policy with respect to taxes on income and on capital and the prevention of fiscal evasion. According to the agreement there will be no double taxation involving Kosovo and Albania in the future.

“By removing this obstacle, Kosovar and Albanian companies and individuals will be given the opportunity to freely do business, earn salaries, own capital or study in both Tirana and Pristina without being challenged by the burden of the double taxation”, said Jessen-Petersen on the occasion of the signature of the agreement.

Arben Malaj, Finance Minister of the Republic of Albania also welcomed the agreement, saying that “after the commitment of the tax administration to set up the necessary legislation in order to reach the final stage of an agreement for not only removing double taxes but we will also be able to implement these agreements through the staff which we have agreed to form”.

This Agreement will also serve as a link between Tax Administration in Kosovo and the Republic of Albania. They will be in position to cooperate and help each other in advancing their skills, exchange information and fight tax evasion.

The Agreement on the Elimination of Double Tax will complement the signature of the Free Trade Agreement and Agreement on Protection of Investment and will facilitate economic cooperation between Kosovo and Albania.