Kosovo: A mineral heaven

The mineral sector in Kosovo is under observation from foreign companies, exactly at a time when Kosovo’s economy hasn’t improved. The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) has issued 21 licenses for the exploration of metallic minerals only. The last to be licensed was “Avrupa mineral Ltd.”, the main shareholder of “Innomatik Exploration Kosovo L.L.C” which was also issued some licenses in the past. The use of all mineral resources for 25 years would bring Kosovo profits of over 7.6 billion euro. It would also help with the creation of around 20 thousand jobs. Apparently, this potential which Kosovo possesses is attractive to many foreign companies.

The 21 licenses have been predominantly issued for the exploration of new minerals. “It must be noted that these licenses were issued in the zones which were not really explored before, and if the exploration results are positive, a new mine could be opened,” officials from ICMM said. According to them, all these explorations are carried out with private capital.

Kosovo is rich with various minerals and the most important are lignite reserves which rank fifth in the world in size. This mineral is very significant for the country because it serves as a basic and long-term source of energy. In addition to lignite, lead and zinc reserves are at around 48 million tones, those of nickel at around 16 million tones, of chrome at around 89 million tones and those of bauxite around 13.2 million tones. The Government of Kosovo has undertaken measures in the past to ensure the use of these resources by foreign companies which were interested to invest.

ECIKS / Telegrafi