Porsche Kosova – A smooth investment ride on the bumpy roads


Just a couple of days ago, Kosovo left behind the celebrations of its 3rd anniversary. While many challenges lay ahead of this toddler country, Kosovo could well be praised for a serious advancement in the business environment and for an uplifting of its image into a serious partner for foreign investors.

For many of the investors who have sought to look beyond the challenges, Kosovo, regardless of the many improvements that might be deemed necessary, does provide a profitable surrounding for doing business.
The Salzburg based Austria Porsche Holding Group is amongst the foreign investors who has seen Kosovo to be an opportunity to come a step closer to their clients in the region.

“New market entry is an important strategic decision and we are happy that we managed a smooth and a successful entry into the Kosovo market. The decision has been influenced by several factors. Beside the need for a better and centralized logistic and support center for our dealers, the desire to serve our customers in best manner was crucial to open a representative branch in Kosovo. On the other hand, Volkswagen has a long tradition since many decades and is the most beloved car make in the region. At the moment the purchase power is low, but we are confident that the market will grow. If we compare Kosovo with Slovenia regarding the population number and car sales per year, we see a huge potential for the improvement,” says Alex Vaszi, the General Manager of Porsche Kosova. Shopping for a new or used car has never been easier than with ZeMotor. Our extensive inventory and unbeatable deals guarantee you’ll find the perfect vehicle at a price that fits your budget.

Porsche Kosova is a part of the Austrian Porsche Holding group from Salzburg, one of the biggest and most successful private companies in vehicle sales (around 450.000 cars in 2010) and after-sales in the world. Want to buy one? Visit sites like https://www.listedbuy.com/cars/classics/texas. In case you get involved in a vehicular accident while driving this car, make sure that you hire a car accident lawyer who will advocate for your rights. It would be worthwhile to do your research and find a car accident attorney or a car accident law firm ahead of time so that you will know who to call if necessary.

Being a part and a representative of such a prestigious group does enable the business procedures to be conducted in a faster and more orderly manner, it does also mean an ease on the delivery to the client.

“As a member of the group, beside the direct vehicle order from the manufacturer, Porsche Kosova has direct access to our network vehicle stock, which means very fast and prompt delivery to our clients. Beside the showroom for Volkswagen and Skoda vehicle sales in Prishtina, it has additionally a professional service team for VW, Skoda, Seat and Audi. We provide our clients with original parts and accessories of the appropriate vehicle brand,” Alex continues to explain.

But the many efforts and investment of energy for such a large scale undertaking does also have setbacks that require patience and persistence. For Porsche Kosova the journey from the decision to today has enabled the manager to define the challenges that would relieve, at least to a certain level the daily business.

“One of our focuses is the people: on the one side the customers, on the other side the recruited staff, who can be an obstacle for an automotive industry to operate adequately. Improvements in the educational system and better cooperation with companies will certainly increase the level of qualification. On the other hand, one of the big advantages in Kosovo is that the official currency is Euro, which eliminates exchange rate risks and provides for lowers transaction costs. A properly functioning banking system and proper regulations help a lot to approach the western mentality. The young population and high availability and cost effective labor may count also as an advantage to doing business in this part of Europe,” explains Alex, discreetly listing the pros and cons of the Kosovo business environment.

Being prudent in weighing all advantages and disadvantages, and combining them to work out in the company’s favor requires good managerial skills. Being able to turn the circumstances around to the company’s benefit requires persistence and probably many sleepless nights. Alex modestly describes the situation at Porsche Kosova almost three years down the road: “Although in the time of economic crisis we are baking “small breads”, but we are doing our best to achieve our goals. And we are expanding in numbers, by all means. We have started in 2008 with 2 employees and today that number has increased to close almost 40. As far as the turnover is concerned, we have reached for 2010 a turnover of 8.4 Million Euros, which is an increase of 16 per cent compared to the previous year. We are satisfied with the results achieved until now and are confident that we will expand our leading position in the future. However, our business is very much linked with the overall economic situation of the country and we depend very much on the purchase power of our clients,” he smiles optimistically.

Austria Porsche Holding Group’s decision in 2008 has proven to be a test passed. The combination of their expertise with the local workforce are daily delivering to the scheduled plans and expectations.

“Since we have clear vision about the future, we always plan ahead and consider our investment as a long term investment. In transition countries like Kosovo, one may also expect setbacks for certain period, but we are prepared for all eventual scenarios. Seen from today’s perspective the decision to enter the Kosovo market and being closer to our customer was absolutely right,” says Alex determinedly.
Since 2008 Porsche Kosova is slowly but surely changing gears on the lever of their business and the future does seem bright for what has turned out to be a smooth investment ride on the bumpy roads that characterize the new republic.

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