Jakupi: “New policies of privatization – counterproductive”

Prishtina, 10 March 2004 – Considering the decision of the SRSG and Pillar IV Head to allegedly unblock privatization in Kosovo, the KTA Board is practically suspended, „Kosova Sot“ writes. Local representatives told the paper, ‘The fact that we were ignored shows that the Board is dysfunctional. Moreover, the Board is dismissed by the UNMIK heads who take decisions ignoring local institutions completely.’

Citing official sources in UNMIK, „Kosova Sot“ reports that it is now up to the government to advise Ministers Sadriu and Jakupi as well as Trade Unions Representative Shabani not to boycott the next board meeting which will be called in the near future. At the same time, Behxhet Haliti, economy advisor to Prime Minister Bajram Rexhepi, told the paper that the government would not come out with a position against the decision of the SRSG; however the Government is firm on its demand to dismiss KTA Managing Director Marie Fucci.

„Kosova Sot“ also reports that Ali Jakupi, vice chairman of the KTA Board claimed that he had seen a draft of the suggested changes to operational policies, and according to him if such drastic changes are adopted then the privatization process in Kosovo would be a failure and counterproductive. ‘I think that these are not policies suggested by the UN Office in New York, these are suggestions of the new heads of privatization in Kosovo,’ Jakupi was quoted as saying.