Italian companies interested in Kosovo's hydropower

Prishtina, September 14, 2007 – According to Kosovar Television KohaVision Italian companies are interested in investing in hydropower energy in Kosova. During a roundtable organized by the Kosova Chamber of Commerce and Informes Association from Italy participants discussed investment opportunities in Brod village of Dragash; a joint delegation has visited the site today.

Energy production in Kosova continues to be the focus of many foreign investors. A consortium of Italian companies is visiting Kosova in order to look into the investment possibilities of hydropower energy. During a roundtable organized in Prishtina they were informed about investment opportunities and investment legislation in hydropower energy. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mining said they had drafted an investment strategy in hydropower and other energy sources. Based on a study conducted in 2006 there are 18 potential places where investments in hydropower energy could be made. There are also four existing hydropower stations owned by Kosova Energy Corporation.

The roundtable was organized by the Kosova Chamber of Commerce and Informes of Italy. The representative of Informest, Ugo Poli, said that this year they are expecting to implement a bilateral cooperation with Kosova in the hydropower energy. “We expect to achieve this though direct exchanges between the mountainous regions of Veneto in Italy and Dragash municipality in Kosova. Concerning costs, I can say that the average investment costs in this field in Italy are between 3 and 8 million euros, said Poli.

Representatives of these companies visited today the Brod village of Dragash, identified as one of the sites where investments in this field could be made. Based on the reports from hydropower sources Kosova could produce enough energy in this sector to cover 40 per cent of its needs.