Issue ‘Fucci’ does not seem to be over

Prishtina, 20 April 2004 – Based on sources from UNMIK Koha Ditore reports that Fucci and Lambsdorff are in Brussels and that according to international sources Fucci will get her contract renewed but not as KTA head but she will be promoted to a higher post.

Sources of the paper claim that the decision of Holkeri to ‘replace’ her and not to dismiss her, as the Kosovo Government asked, leaves the possibility open for Fucci to get other posts in Kosovo.

The paper managed to talk to Fucci on telephone on Wednesday, but she did not want to comment on her replacement. ‘I am sorry, I cannot give any comments’ she said.

Zëri says they could not find out about their visit to Brussels, but according to its sources Marie Fucci has lost trust once and for all in the local institutions and the people of Kosovo. The paper informs that she got dismissed by the UNMIK chief a couple of days ago as a result of pressure coming from the Kosovo institutions.

The same sources claim that it would be a big mistake if she was offered a new post in the UNMIK administration in Kosovo.