Costs of houses destroyed in riots: 12 million Euros

Prishtina, 20 April 2004 – All dailies inform about a report presented by Minister Behxhet Brajshori on behalf of the inter-ministerial commission for the assessment of damages caused on 17 and 18 March. This report does not include the costs of damages to churches and monasteries, because a group of experts from UNESCO is expected to arrive and assess this.

Mitrovica is the first on the list regarding the amount of damages, followed by Fushë Kosova, Vushtrri, Gjilan and Prizren. Brajshori said that the government is determined to start very soon with the reparation, but stressed the need for further financial support either from the Kosovo consolidated budget or other sources.

Dailies report that the figures given by the commission only deal with the reconstruction of houses, but not with the compensation of movable property. Brajshori is reported to have said that the issue will be dealt with in the next stage of the assessment.

Koha Ditore notes that when asked if any financial assistance will be accepted from the government of Serbia, Brajshori replied: ‘It is UNMIK’s responsibility to work with the Serb government’, but added: ‘Kosovo citizens are citizens of Kosovo’.