IPAK recommends new incentives for foreign investors

A benchmarking study conducted by the Vienna Office of Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) regarding the incentives regime for foreign investors has been discussed by representatives of key Kosovar and international institutions in a workshop in Prishtina.

The Vienna Office of IPAK is implemented by the Economic Initiative of Kosovo (ECIKS) and financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation. The benchmarking study is part of the project which aims at strengthening IPAK and promoting investments in Kosovo.

Institutions such as key Ministries, tax authority, customs, chambers of commerce and international organizations supporting the economic development in Kosovo were invited yesterday to discuss and recommend new incentives for foreign investors to the Government of Kosovo.

The workshop has coordinated the recommendations which will now be handed over to the Government of Kosovo for implementation. Recommendations include, among other, training grants and tax breaks for investments in sectors of specific interest.