Invitation: Energy Market South East Europe 2012

For South East Europe the energy sector is the key to regional economic growth, increasing prosperity as well as a potential door opener to the European Union, as the natural resources in South East Europe offer diverse investment opportunities. In addition, by establishing the European Community the South East European states have committed themselves to implement the EU legal acts for the energy industry, which poses significant challenges for the market participants.

Energy Market South East Europe 2012 provides a platform for information exchange, in which decision makers of the energy industry and politics discuss challenges, investment opportunities and future trends. The topics of the conference are:

1.Tomorrow’s South East European energy markets – where is the journey heading?

2.Current challenges and implementation of liberalization requirements

3.Potentials for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

4.Examples for realized and planned projects in South East Europe concerning energy generation, distribution and efficiency

The conference is taking place on the 6th of September 2012 in Swiss Diamond Hotel in Prishtina, Kosovo

Detailed information about the program, registration and the top-class speakers is available at