High interest in privatizing Kosovo's Distribution network

The privatization of the Company for the Distribution and Supply of Electric Energy (KEDS) seems to have garnered high interest on the part of foreign companies. In the first phase, five companies have declared interest to partake in the tender for the privatization of KEDS. However, this number has grown considerably to thirteen in the pre-qualification phase.

Officials who are assigned to manage the project for the Privatization of the Company for the Distribution and Supply of Electric Energy have said that the invitation for the pre-qualification phase was handed out on January 25th and will be open until March 18th. “There have been 13 requests which were made by foreign companies, who up until Friday have asked for the applicable paperwork. We hope that by March 18th the number of interested companies will rise,” the officials claimed.

During last year, 5 companies expressed their interest to privatize KEDS. Three of them were from Turkey (Limak, Çalik and Park Holding), one from Egypt (ELSWEDY) and one Italian company (G.C.L. Srl). The invitation to participate in the privatization process is still open.

The privatization of KEDS is expected to improve the distribution system of the electric energy in Kosovo. The privatization of energetic assets would have positive impacts with regard to prices and quality. Since electric energy is an infrastructural prerequisite for the development of the economy, the privatization becomes even more important.