Haradinaj: Kosovo’s independence in 2005

Prishtina, January 1, 2005 – ‘It is true that 2005 will be a crucial year. The Government and institutions will work to implement the political will of the people of Kosovo by building Kosovo to the level of a state. This implies preparing Kosovo for talks with the international community and to resolve all issues in harmony with the international community and also in possible harmony with the neighbors, so that Kosovo can become independent,’ said Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj in an interview for Zëri.

Haradinaj said that the beginning of 2004 was a continuation of the status quo in Kosovo and as such brought about trends of extraordinarily slow development. ‘After the March riots and after what happened in Kosovo, there was a local and international mobilization and a different dynamism was set up, which produced the results that are the most positive trends in UNMIK, Kosovo institutions and throughout the international community.’

Commenting on the issue of standards, Haradinaj was quoted as saying: ‘We have all the mechanisms in place and operating, and we also have an action plan that derives from the agenda and the plan of Standards for Kosovo. Noticeable progress has been achieved, the priority standards have been selected, an agreement has been reached about the indicators and they are now in the implementation process. I believe that the remaining time between now and May is a period when we will continue with the implementation of all issues connected to Standards.’

ECIKS / Zëri