Government to launch Expression of Interest Mining Sector

Prishtinë, Aug 18, 2006 – The Ministry of Energy and Mining announced the launch of an Expression of Interest for Kosovo’s mining sector, media report. The newly appointed UNMIK-Chief, Joachim Ruecker, believes that the time has come to leverage investors’ interest in constructing a new power plant to solve the short-term problems of KEK.

The Expression of Interest incorporates projects for energy investment including the constructing a new power plant, opening a new mine in Sibovc and rehabilitating five units of Kosovo A.

Companies participating in this project must meet the criteria being evaluated by the project’s managing committee. Many companies expressed their interest in constructing a new power plant which will cost approximately €3 billion and the mine €240 million. The new power plant is expected to have the capacity of 1,000 to 1,200 MW.

KTV quotes Ruecker as saying he is certain that the expression of interest will solve the problem of energy supply in Kosovo. “A very important signal is being sent and provides hope for solving the energy crisis.”

“An investor could help us solve certain short-term problems. Our offer also increases the chance of constructing Kosovo C, although the latter is not a condition,” stated Ruecker, quoted by TV21.

Representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mining have officially announced the Expression of Interest. The companies that choose to participate in constructing the power plants will have an initial period of three months, followed by a six-month period, during which the companies will uncover their plans on constructing the new power plant.

According to Minister of Energy and Mining of Kosovo, Ethem Ceku, the Expression of Interest was announced two months after the contract was signed between World Bank, UNMIK and Kosovo Government on attracting investors in the energy sector.