Glam Radio’s new automation and optimization software that increased sales and maintained jobs

Glam Radio from Pristina, with a business model that is different from other radios in Kosovo and region (quality over quantity in ads air time) is steadily establishing itself as an innovative, creative and reliable radio station. Since its establishment, the focus of Glam Radio was to provide as many digital services to its listeners (audience) as possible, including apps for their smart phones.

As Glam became a radio that people love in Pristina, region and Europe (mainly Kosovo diaspora), the need to improve and properly use the internal processes increased, including tracking of requests for advertisement and history of periods when ads were aired.

Knowing what they need, but not being able to define it properly, Glam Radio sought the assistance of Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI) for a support with grant to have an automation and optimization software. DEI provided the support of the DEI consultant in the diagnostics which then made it easier for the software needed from Glam to be customized.

Following the implementation of the software, Glam radio is now able to have a deeper understanding of client’s (current and potential) needs and trends, have an improved forecasting and pricing, have more sales opportunities and a personalized client experience from start to finish.

With the data that is being gathered and inputted from different databases that Glam possesses, they are able now to target those clients that need them the most with all the necessary information in one place. The software solution provided by DEI is also impacting the pricing of ads in Glam radio. In additional to increasing the revenues, Glam has maintained its most precious internal resource (people) and is now utilizing their capacities efficiently.

DEI is a mechanism funded by KIESA, which supports the digital transformation of Kosovar businesses. The implementation of the DEI is supported by the ACCESS program, which is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).