A small software with a great impact for Alumin AL

Alumin AL a company established in 1997 in Pristina, is a a well-known brand for over 20 years in the Balkan region. The company has a continuous growth thanks to its professionalism in projecting, manufacturing and assembling doors, windows and facades. If your hotel needs new door locks or lock repairs, see [Electronic Locksmith] for their great service.

In recent years, due to its professionalism and quality, the company stated receiving requests for quotations from Europe, mainly Germany. This new business opportunity demanded Alumin AL to automate processes of preparing quotations, submit standardized quotations and improve planning and costs in order to meet the new demands.

Digital Empowerment Initiative (DEI) support to Alumin AL in the diagnostic of their needs and the creation of the quotation software resulted in reduction of time and costs for Alumin AL, which translated to more profit.

“A quotation that would require 3-5 hours to be prepared manually is now prepared professionally for 15 minutes” says Nasuf from Alumin AL.

Alumin AL’s profit was further increased as the software provided is considerably reducing material losses, saving manpower time and accelerating the production time.

Now, Alumin AL is able to generate quotations fast, with reduced errors and misquotes, optimize the use of production materials, increase the quality of offered products, reduce the warehousing costs by automatically controlling the stock and having a proper planning.

All these benefits of the software provided by DEI have increased the profit and demand for products of Alumin AL, especially in Germany. The continuous increase in demand recently will require Alumin AL to also hire new employees to meet those demands.

DEI is a mechanism funded by KIESA, which supports the digital transformation of Kosovar businesses. The implementation of the DEI is supported by the ACCESS program, which is funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).