First 38 km of Kosovo highway ready by the end of the month

According to the Bechtel & Enka consortium, the construction works on the Morine-Merdare highway are going well while the first 38 kilometers of the new highway will be inaugurated later this month.

A spokeswoman for the American-Turkish consortium said they are working intensively in order to get the job done as quickly as possible: ” The Bechtel & Enka staff is working intensively to complete the first 38 km according to the plan and open the first 3 sections and 4 km from the 4th section about 1 year ahead of schedule. “

It is also stated that while working on the highway, there were no obstacles to the expropriation of property: “Expropriation has gone very well thanks to the extraordinary work done by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance but also to the goodwill of the Kosovar citizens who have welcomed this project.”

/ Koha /