EC allocates 65 million Euros for Kosovo

The European Commission (EC) has allocated 65 million Euros to support Kosovo’s efforts to implement the EU’s agenda for reforms. Funds will be used to reform the judicial system and public administration, investments in education and regional development and to provide housing and jobs for the families of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities.

They will also help to increase private sector development by providing support to SMEs and to strengthen Kosovo’s trade capacities, the European Commission said in a notice.

“These new funds reflect our commitment to help Kosovo on its path towards the European Union. Efficient judicial and public administration, better integration of minorities, better education and economic development are key priorities in this regard. Our funds will support the necessary reforms, which will offer tangible benefits to the citizens of Kosovo”, said the Commissioner for European Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Füle.

/Telegrafi /