Donors have not fulfilled commitments to Kosovo

The Donors Conference held four years ago has not been completely successful. The donors did not entirely meet their commitments to support the economic and social development of Kosovo with a financial aid of 1.2 billion EUR. According to the daily newspaper Koha Ditore , for four years they’ve provided not more than 864 million EUR. The failure to fulfill their commitments is not being criticized by the Kosovars. On the contrary, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci thanked and justified the donor countries for not fulfilling their commitments.

At the Third High Level Forum, at which developments, events and actions that occurred four years after the Donors Conference held in July 2008 were discussed, the Prime Minister said that the failure of promises for donations could come as a result of the global financial crisis, but not the failure of Kosovo’s relations with the donors. According to him, the arrival and expenditure of donations from Kosovars has been transparent. “I wish to express my gratitude for the continuation of providing much needed and valuable assistance to our country, despite the global financial crisis that has gripped the world in recent years. Meeting the needs of our citizens for jobs, better salaries, better health care, high quality education and sustainable energy will be a difficult task. If we are to successfully face these challenges, Kosovo needs your help in technical assistance and professional and financial support „stated Thaci before representatives of donor countries.

Further on, Thaci said that this year Kosovo has received some positive signs that bring us nearer to the European Union. He mentioned the starting of the visa liberalization process, which he described as a necessary process that also entails many reforms that Kosovo should make along the way: “One of the most important aspects for Kosovo’s European perspective, is the beginning of the visa liberalization process . The internal market regulation and appropriate legislative improvements are two very important segments for Kosovo. Necessarily, both these processes are related to each other and require comprehensive reforms in the field of legislation, building institutions, fighting corruption and organized crime, respect of human rights and minority communities living in the Republic Kosovo “.

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