Company to mine nickel, open bank in Kosovo

Kosovo attracts foreign investors with its safe banking system and natural resources. CVMR (Chemical Vapour Metal Refining) is working on opening a bank and refining nickel metal, with which Kosovo is one of the richest in the world.

The company will also add another brand to the banking industry of Kosovo. CVRM CEO Kamran M. Kohzan has expressed interest in opening a new bank in Kosovo. Kohzan has discussed the project with Kosovar Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and Director of the Kosovo Central Bank Hashim Rexhepi. The company has already acquired the license for the new bank.

“We have discussed with Kosovo government officials about investments in mines and a refinery of nickel metal, while the bank which we plan to open very soon will help finance these investments,” said Khozan, a representative of three corporations which will invest in these projects.

“From the meetings, we understood that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo supports projects for producing energy from alternative resources and building thermal power plants with capacity ranging from 100 to 1000 megawatt,” said Khozan.

Besides nickel, CVRM refines 16 other metals. The entire refinery process, Khozan promises, “will be done with cutting-edge technology and guarantees zero pollution.” The nickel refinery is projected to hire at least 2000 employees.

In the meantime, the new bank should be very attractive for the Kosovar market, said Khozan. “As matter of fact, the very opening of this bank means it will certainly lower the credit interest rates.”

Khozan thinks that the global financial crisis does not pose a threat for the Kosovo economy.

“The banking market in Kosovo is small and safe. Kosovo has not made colossal investments before the declaration of independence, while in the future, the investments will be safe,” says Khozan.

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