Brajshori: Houses destroyed in March riots being rebuilt

Prishtina, 23 August 2004 – The Minister of Culture, Behxhet Brajshori, who also heads the government committee for reconstruction, said that by mid-2005 all housing facilities will be rebuilt even better than they used to be. Minister Brajshori told Prishtina-based KosovaLive news agency that so far 85% of housing facilities have been rebuilt or are in the process of reconstruction. ‘The seriousness shown by local institutions and the pace of work proves that the construction works will be completed before the foreseen deadline,’ he was quoted as saying.

Brajshori said that the government committee is currently using the budget, which was allocated by the government and that so far there has been no lack of funds. He added that there is a separate fund for the reconstruction of religious sites, which were damaged during the March riots.

Brajshori also said that after the initial hesitation, Kosovo Serbs are now much involved in better cooperation with the government committee.

According to some other Kosovar media Minister Brajshori has rejected the statement of Prizren Diocese, according to which only one Serb house was rebuilt in the village of Bellopoje. Brajshori said that the government committee has rebuilt 24 houses in the village and that the keys have already been handed over to the owners.