Banks in Kosovo profit 37 million Euros in 2011

Commercial banks operating in Kosovo marked their highest profit since their establishment. During 2011, the eight commercial banks operating in the country’s financial markets have recorded together a profit of over 37 million Euros.

“ProCredit Bank” and “Raiffeisen Bank” marked the greater percentage from the total profit. The first recorded a profit of 16.8 million Euros, while the “Raiffeisen” has recorded a profit of over 12 million Euros. This information was provided by the commercial banks to the Central Bank of Kosovo. Compared with 2010, the commercial banks had around 5 million Euros more profit in 2011.

The total net value of loans granted by commercial banks listed on 31 December 2011 amounted to 1.562 billion Euros. Meanwhile in 2010, the net value of loans granted by commercial banks was 1.335 billion Euros. During 2011, lending increased by 227 million Euros. The value of deposits during 2011 has increased by 100 million Euros, reaching a total of 2.097 billion Euros.

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