Austrian Kelag invests 60 million euros in Kosovo

60 million euros is the amount that the Austrian company “KELAG” will invest in the town of Decan in Kosovo. The company is planning to build three small hydro power plants with a production capacity of 28 megawatts /hour.

At the inauguration of this project, the Austrian ambassador in Kosovo, Johann Brieger, expressed his gratitude to his country, the government of the Republic of Kosovo and the municipality of Decan, who, as he said, have supported these investments for alternative energy production without any reservation, saying that his country is investing and will continue to invest in Kosovo, especially in such projects that contribute positively to nature. Having given a brief history of the Austrian company “KELAG”, ambassador Brieger said that “this project relates to the production of green energy, which is a good human and developing symbiosis. We have found support and trust for such investments which enable the further development of Kosovo, “he said.

Kosovos Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, said that Kosovo is a country of opportunities and secure investments: “This is a special day for Kosovo, its citizens and economic development, taking into account that this is a project worth millions with the possibility of a further expansion of investments and increasing production of alternative energy.“

/ Koha /