Albania ranks among the top in the region on WEF’s Energy Transition Index 2021


The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published its annual report on Energy Transition Index in April, pointing out a positive outlook and transition towards clean energy. 92 out of 115 countries tracked by its Energy Transition Index (ETI) have shown improvement in the aggregate score in the last decade. The Balkan region, Albania and Croatia are leading the charts, being ranked at 23rd and 25th spot.  

Looking at the 2020 ETI report, Albania and Croatia were performing better than Slovenia. Albania has improved its ranking by 5.26 points, reaching 66.4 points, whereas Croatia added 3.46 points, reaching 66.6 in total. Slovenia falls behind will 65.5 points, taking 31st place in the list.  

On the other hand, Montenegro and Bulgaria have made progress, adding 4.83 and 4.38 points respectively and being rated 52nd and 58th. Bosnia and Herzegovina fall behind, but still showing some increase in rank from 103rd place to 98th 

The ETI tracks countries’ energy systems on the three dimensions of the energy triangle (economic development and growth, environmental sustainability, and energy security and access). 

The report further adds that overall, the global investment in energy transition has surpassed USD 500 billion in 2020, regardless of the COVID-19 crisis.  


Photo by:Unsplash