Agreement on Barcode for Kosovo Businesses

Prishtina, Dec 1, 2004 – UNMIK and GS1 have reached an agreement on the use of a distinct barcode for Kosovo Businesses in a meeting in Brussels. GS1 – up to now known as European Article Numbering (EAN) International – is the non-profit association which administers the internationally recognised barcodes for products and services. The meeting took place on the request of UNMIK Pillar IV, after the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce had learned from GS1 that it could not become the institution to issue the barcodes for Kosovo businesses. GS1 explained that worldwide it no longer uses the services of chambers of commerce for the purpose of barcodes. At present, businesses which need to use barcodes need to jointly set up a GS1 sub-organisation. However, such a sub-organisation is costly and only becomes worthwhile when enough businesses participate. For smaller countries and territories, GS1 uses a procedure whereby a business can directly apply for a barcode to GS1 headquarters. The agreement reached at the meeting in Brussels means that Kosovo businesses can apply individually and directly to GS1 for barcodes. Kosovo Businesses can contact the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce for more information.