300 businesses participate in Kosovos first economic forum

More than 300 businesses from 8 different countries are participating in the first international economic forum in Prishtina.

The President of Kosovos Business Alliance (AKB), Shahini, said that Kosovo’s tax system is tempting to investors. “Kosovo tax system is one of the most favorable in the region, the VAT at 16 % is the lowest in the region, while export taxes are zero. The income tax and the corporate tax is only 10 % and the registration of a new business is made within a day” said Shahini.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari-Lila said the Ministry is very committed to the development agenda. “We are oriented towards long term economic practices, such as manufacturing and exports, reduce unemployment and stimulate local talent, always bearing in mind the importance of regional and interstate cooperation. We strongly believe in the partnership between our companies and the regional ones but also between our companies and those further afield “stated Kusari-Lila.

The Macedonian Minister of Economy, Valon Saracini, said that Macedonia and Kosovo have good political and economic relations, but that they should work together to attract more investors.

Albania’s ambassador to Kosovo mentioned the favorable climate for investing in Kosovo. According to him, in recent years, Albania has been the largest investor in Kosovo.
The first international economic forum in Prishtina, is being held under the slogan “Kosovo, a golden state for investments“.

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