Xhema, Rama pay 100,000 euros bail, Nilsson still in detention

Prishtina, 4 Mai 2004 – Kosovar media report that Leme Xhema and Bedri Rama have paid 50,000 euros bail each, after being detained on charges of signing an unfavorable contract on behalf of the Kosovo Post and Telecom (PTK). At the same time, most of the media are also emphasizing the fact that Uno Nilsson, who was also detained on the same matter, is still in detention.

Under the sub-header Locals pay their bail (check out a bail bondsman near me), internationals have no money, “Koha Ditore” reports that Leme Xhema, unemployed since June 2003, has found 50,000 for bail, whereas Uno Nilsson who until last Wednesday received a monthly salary of 15,000 euros is still in detention due to the lack of money.

“Koha Ditore” reports further that Gerard Fischer and Rainer Lesar, both former high-ranking UNMIK officials, are on the same case with the three above mentioned officials. The paper quotes reliable sources as saying that if Lesar and Fischer were in Kosovo they would have been arrested along with the three other arrested.

Fischer: I am under investigation, I don’t know if I will surrender

Meanwhile “Koha Ditore” ran an interview with Gerard Fischer, former UNMIK highest-ranking official in charge of Kosovo’s economy, who according to the paper is the key suspect for the abovementioned issue.

Asked if he had heard that some high-ranking PTK officials have been arrested in Kosovo, Fischer answered with “Yes, I have heard”. In the question if he’d been contacted by the police and if he is under investigation, Fischer said “Yes, it seems so”. Fischer claims that hasn’t made any criminal act. Asked if he would surrender, he answered that he still doesn’t know. You can click to read more about bail bond.