World Bank: 37% of Kosovars live in poverty

Prishtinë, Sept. 29, 2005 – A report published by the World Bank as part of the poverty reduction project, indicates that 37% of the Kosovo population live in poverty, with less € 1,42 per day. Moreover, 15 % of them live in extreme poverty with 93 cents per day.

World Bank representative for Kosovo, Kathan Shankar, said that this project calls on all decision-making authorities to contribute to lowering the poverty rate. “The message of the World Bank to the Government is to create possibilities to fight the poverty, by establishing programs that are focused on the poor population,” said Shankar. “We also do a lot of analytical work and studies, which show decision-making institutions how to address the poverty issue.”

The report indicates that the most endangered categories are children, old people, and unemployed.

Deputy Minister Salihaj said “This is a wake-up call for us to be more determined to solving the poverty problem,” and requested help from the EU to solve this difficult problem.