Workshops for Kosovo’s young entrepreneurs

In order to prepare Kosovo’s youngsters for the labour market, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) in cooperation with “Kultur-Kontakt Austria” and “Swisscontact” organized in Prishtina the Fair of Workshops. In this fair, which is the fifth consecutive, 80 firms presented their workshops.

In the opening ceremony, it was said on behalf of MEST that the objective of the workshops is to prepare students for the labour market, starting with the basic idea of establishing a business. This project is supported by the Government of Austria, which has shown the desire to continue as a partner in the future. Since 2005, around 1 million euro has been invested in the project. 12 directors and roughly 100 students have been trained, whereas around 10,000 students had the chance to partake in the professional instructions.

Workshops are a new form of learning which encourage practical learning, simulate real-life business and the entrepreneurial mindset. Real-life procedures related to the management of enterprises and the common qualification criteria for the modern labour market are taught as well.
The workshops have been implemented in 15 economics high schools in Kosova and in 5 agriculture schools. Workshops from Albania have participated in this fair as well.