Wind energy arrives in Kosovo

Belgian company “Belenergy” has chosen the municipality of Deçan to invest around 300 million euro for the construction of wind turbines which generate energy.

The project and the offer have been presented on Friday to the officials of municipality and local experts as part of the plans for alternative sources of energy, respectively, of wind turbines which make the generation of energy possible.

“Due to its configuration, Deçan is a very attractive place for the construction of alternative energy means,” company officials have said. Bank guarantees have provided up to 300 million euro for the financing of this project.

According to experts of “Belenergy” company, the first phase of the project will be comprised of the feasibility period which starts within the next days, followed by the construction of 150 wind turbines which will be also distributed in other municipalities around the region of Dukagjin. Representatives of the company have promised the mayor of Decan, Rasim Selmanaj, that the construction of wind turbines will be followed by the construction of a factory for their production.

“We will not stop here. This project contains the details and plans not only for alternative energy, but also for the construction of a factory for the production of equipment (such as wind turbines) with employment capacities of around 200 people,” the representatives said. Mayor Selmanaj has pledged the institutional support for the investments that the company from Belgium will carry out.

Capacities of wind energy are small in comparison to other sources of energy; nevertheless they will serve for the satisfaction of needs for electric energy in Kosovo. This new source of energy will improve the business climate, especially today when electricity cuts are still present in Kosovo.

ECIKS / Telegrafi