Initiating the ACCESS project in Kosovo

The ACCESS project focuses on improving market access and linkages of private sector companies, and on enhancing the supply and quality of business development and digitalization services for the benefit of Kosovo MSMEs. In pursuing these goals, the project promotes and harnesses digitalisation processes, considering the importance of the digital transformation for the future competitiveness of the country’s economy.

Some of the main systemic impediments constraining the economic development of Kosovo include an under-developed industrial sector, a weak production base, lack of employment opportunities with high inactivity and unemployment rates, especially for women in general and young women and men,  clear misalignment between education system outcomes and labour market needs, difficulties in obtaining finance, and the lagging behind of the economy’s digitalisation. Therefore, from an overarching strategic perspective, ACCESS’ interventions contribute to further expanding the business sector, fostering growth of private companies, improving the quality of start-ups, and supporting women and young entrepreneurs including, those located in rural and peripheral regions. Furthermore, the project seeks to raise profiles of business consultants, increase availability and quality of BDS services, establish connections with foreign buyers, etc. In terms of digitalization of the public sector, the project will facilitate the provision of e-government business enabling solutions that enable  more transparent, equitable, and inclusive access to public resources.

Inclusive Market System Development (IMSD) is the basic approach used to guide the implementation of this project. The IMSD ensures a systemic and inclusive approach by putting an emphasis on transforming the enabling environment of the market, i.e. on domains where interventions have a catalytic or facilitating impact (e.g. changing behaviour, practices, decisions, or capabilities of players within the system).

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