US Trade and Investment Mission Visited Kosovo

Prishtina, Oct 4, 2004 – U.S Office in Prishtina organized last week a three day long visit of first U.S. trade and investment mission in Kosova, which aims at advancing cooperation between the U.S and Kosova in the area of trade, business and investments.

Participants of the meeting agreed that Kosova has already created an environment of macro-economic stability and favorable conditions for foreign investments.

Philip Goldberg, Chief of USOP said that similar to other countries in transition, Kosova also needs to develop strong ties with the outside world to prosper and succeed.

“This is simply a fact of the modern global economy and Kosovo cannot survive without entering the broader market,” he said.

According to Goldberg, the interested investors are in Kosova to see what it has to offer. “In exchange, they will expect from you and from us every bit of assistance we can give in helping their business ventures to succeed, from simple information on the conditions here to dedicated efforts in resolving problems and complications.”

ECIKS / KosovaLive