UNMIK: Vala 900 – The only legal provider in Kosovo

Prishtinë, Feb 2, 2006 – There is only one legal provider of mobile telephony in Kosovo and that is Vala 900, whereas the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is taking care of that by not allowing illegal telephony providers to operate in Kosovo, UNMIK officials said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a regular press conference, the spokesperson for UNMIK Pillar IV Metchild Henneke said that the TRA has removed the antennas of illegal providers who operated in Kosovo for a long time.

Serb journalists living in Gracanica, who used the services of those illegal providers, said that they cannot send and receive information and cover various events, as their mobile and landline phones are not functioning. They have accused UNMIK for that.

Responding to that, Henneke said that everyone knows that Serb mobile provider 063 has no license to operate in Kosovo and this issue should not be politicized.
“We have in Kosovo the provider 044, which covers 90% of the territory,” she said

She said that the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) decision is lawful, and UNMIK Pillar IV fully supports it.

ECIKS / KosovaLive