UNMIK: Kosovo mobile telephony tender transparent

Prishtina, 14 February 2007 – Two UNMIK representatives at the Oversight Committee for the mobile phone tender, Ernst Tschoepke and Johan van Lamoen, sent a letter to UNMIK, explaining that the tender for the second mobile telephony operatore was carried out according to the rules.

“We as members of the Special Oversight Committee for the second mobile telephony service provider in Kosovo have followed the whole tender process, which was under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication since the beginning of the process until the Bid Evaluation Committee declared Kosmocell a tender winner,” the letter reads.

The two officials wrote they had reviewed the whole details of the tender process, in particular the documentation and the points the bidders were given. “We have monitored carefully the work of the Bid Evaluation Committee. Based on the work of the Special Oversight Committee, we concluded that the whole process was in order and transparent,” the letter reads.