Kosovo's forgotten Trepca

Prishtina, 14 February 2007 – Head of UNMIK Joachim Ruecker will meet Trepca Mines Advisory Board to discuss issues related to the future of Trepca, reported newspapers in Kosovo.

Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) officials say they have no plans on how to make Trepca mines operational. “However, SRSG Ruecker called a meeting of the Trepca Advisory Board, where we will discuss further steps to be taken by the Government, MEM, and the Trepca Board,” Shyqri Kelmendi, Advisor at MEM said.

Nazmi Mikullovci, Director of the southern part of Trepca, said that this meeting would have no concrete results. “This is a consultative meeting rather than a meeting which would result in concrete measures for revitalizing Trepca,” said Mikullovci.

Mikullovci emphasized that any decision made before the ownership and status are determined would only be a disadvantage for Trepca.

KTA officials could not say what will happen to Trepca. However, Ekrem Tahiri, Spokesperson for KTA, said the main objectives of Trepca are to start production, but the lack of funds affected all efforts made over the last four years to revitalize Trepca and prepare for privatization.