Travel to New York is an attempt to delay privatization

Prishtina, May 2004 – According to Koha Ditore, privatization process will not start for another two months if the demands of UNMIK Pillar IV head, Nikolaus Lambsdorff, are taken into consideration. With the blessing of UNMIK Chief, another trip to New York to discuss privatization problems will take place next week.

Citing sources from Pillar IV, Koha Ditore claims that Lambsdorff was urgently called to Brussels to once again present his views on privatization.

Other sources from KTA, told the paper that the trip to New York is aimed at keeping the process blocked. ‘There’s no need for Lambsdorff to go to New York to discuss the restart of the process since he was already given the green light for such action by the Legal Office in the UN in New York, EU, and Quint countries,’ the same source is quoted as saying.

Based on his actions so far, it is noticeable that Lambsdorff does not take seriously the demands coming from the Government, concluded Koha Ditore.